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Interdiciplinary Journal and Hummanity is a double blind peer-reviewed academic journal and open access to multidisciplinary sciences. The journal is published monthly by Pusat Publikasi Nusantara collaboration with Universitas Esa Unggul.

This journal publishes research articles covering multidisciplinary sciences, which includes: Humanities and social sciences, constitutional law, contemporary political science, Educational sciences, religious sciences and philosophy, economics, Engineering sciences, Health sciences, medical sciences, design arts sciences and media. Published articles are from critical and comprehensive research, studies or scientific studies on important and current issues or reviews of scientific books. This journal publishes research articles covering multidisciplinary.

Name: Interdiciplinary Journal and Hummanity
E-ISSN : 2963-4113
P-ISSN : 2963-3397
DOI : 10.58631
Period : Monthly
Indexing and Abstracting : EBSCO, Google Scholar, Garuda, Dimensions, Crossref and others in progress
Publication Guidelines :  COPE Guidelines
Publisher :
Pusat Publikasi Nusantara
Society/ Institution:
Universitas Esa Unggul
1st Issues of Publication:  2023

Vol. 2 No. 11 (2023): Injurity : Interdiciplinary Journal and Humanity

Published: 2023-11-16

Pedagogy Designing With Augmented Reality: a Paradigm Shift in Educational Approaches

Cashless Payment System Model at the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises

The Effect of Using the Trainchinese Dictionary on the Learning Outcomes of Chinese Students in Class X in High School

The Right of Inheritance of the Second Wife According to the Civil Code (Study of Supreme Court Decision Number 942/K/Pdt/2022)

The Noken System as a Symbol of the Supreme Deliberation of Indigenous Peoples in Papua Anthropological Study of Law and Constitutional Law

Analysis of Limited Liability Company Supervision in Indonesia

Notary Responsibility for Unlawfully Made Deeds in Legal Deeds of Buying and Selling Land

Religious Character Building in SMIT Daarul Qur'an South Tangerang

Notary Responsibility for Loss of Land Title Due to Notary Negligence

Fostering Students' Social Tolerance in Sociology Learning in High School Harapan Mandiri

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